Now I have no idea what to do because I absolutely love him. The father of my child broke up with me when our son was only 4 months old.his now nine months old. Primarily because it felt rushed after my previous relationship, and I didnt think it was fair to commit to a new relationship so soon. Focus on yourself. Today I asked him if he liked me and he said yes. Lets get to today's game plan. I am mad and sad but I still love my boyfriend. Recently he was at one of the same events I was at and we bumped into each other and he hugged me and I miss him so much. If you didnt, Im sure it would have been much easier for you. Hi , Did I text wrongly? After four days, I texted him thinking that everything would be okay and wed be back together, but it just didnt work that way. If its meant to be It will be. Seems to me he was interested in sex. Hes just gone. Please help me. Throughout these 7 months though he has stayed in contact with me. We work opposite shifts so it was hard. Double Down On The Best Parts Of Your Relationship. Now, you are not codependent and that's what triggers your ex. We would plan our future together and now its all crushed to the ground. Read: How to use the 60 day no contact to get him back! i was in relationship with this guy since 10 years Im no expert, its just what I would do. The more calm, cool, and collected youll be about this, the more hell understand what he stands to lose if he really does this. I think that its not too late. Finally at the end of the day I just wanted to be polite and told him that I got his messages, Im fine thank you. copyright 2020 Lisa Redfield. Im so confused, he doesnt like talking about emotions or anything like that so he start getting angry in the car because u kept going on and on but i couldnt help it. . I started no contact again and ended up breaking it AGAIN after a week or so.. but i did see some improvement, he finally admitted he did have feelings for me but he doesnt want to get back together with me. Dont run and send it now, because to timing is as important as the message. He did although tell me the first day that hey maybe things will turn out later down the road so at least I know he has hope as well. We used to talk 24/7 but now we dont even message a hi. I know he only wants to see me happy and that I dont need just him in my life to make me happy and that I can be independent and happy with myself. This guy left you over something so stupid, its more like he was looking for a way to get out of it. So i fell in love with a guy and we were almost together for a year but then he dumped me. i desparately want my boyfriend back but he doesnt seem much interested he keep telling me i have to move on. I am so conflicted over what to do and feel. Thats not who I am and I made a mistake. Im slowly falling out of love with him. And said he had met another. Thats why Ive written a few posts about it. Theyre well and truly out to destroy your relationship. Im just asking if its possible. After saying I dont know a couple more times, he finally said, No. Then I asked him if he even had feelings for me, and he said, No. When I asked him when they stopped, he said about a month ago after we went to Chicago. Things in my and my boyfriends relationship were going great until summer break started, we both never got the time for each other and he was always busy. I would try, in your case, the 60-day no contact rule. I know hes not afraid of losing mehe tells me hes sure well stay together because if hes put up with me this long then hell probably stay. we had an issue 3 years back where he left me and rejected me because of some issues and i said bad things back to him for rejecting me infront of the families His surgery was in feb, I flew to be by his side during the recovery. By then hell have enough time to figure out what he wants, but he probably wont tell it to you over text or something. Telling me to move on. He is a few years older than me and claims that my age worries him. They still check in through friends, social media, and other contacts without you knowing. My instinct is probably that I should cut him out of my life. He says its possible he may be excited about us dating in the future but that it doesnt feel imminent or impending or anything.. We started dating again and it was fantastic we spent so many great times together and made amazing memories. hello lisa, The universe will find a way to get you two back together, but try to be patient, calm, and believe that everything happens for the best (and for good reasons!). A year back this guy gave me enough confidence and was very positive that he would still marry me even if his parents disagree. I would take a distance and not beg him to talk to you or get back to how he was. We didnt argue for 3 weeks everything was great. So I sent him a text saying obvious that you want to try to work things out with her and that Im not going to be a backup plan and that Im not going to do that right now but I also lied and said I was starting to date someone else that I had put on hold for him because I thought we were going to try to work things out . Please give me some advice on this. A few hours later, I meet up with a friend and I tell everything. I would be so grateful for your advice. Men are attracted to women who are wanted by other men and youre pretty much saying its your loss!. So keep your distance from him, make positive changes in your own life, and embrace the potential for new experiences. If I had to guess, this weird behavior indicated that he has met someone over there, and his anger is caused by guilt feelings. Now he has broken up with me (six weeks ago) and eventually told me that he does not ever see us together (two weeks ago) because of the resentment that my lack of commitment caused. Then during English he said that he needed to talk to me after school and I was so nervous and he said before school ended that I just needed to ask do you like me he said that it was about time he said no. When a guy says things like this, no matter how hurt we feel, we have to believe them. Yes, no contact means no contact, but you dont have to ignore him. In the end, Ill tell you when to send it. He has never defriended his other exes. If you stop contacting him for a while hell have a chance to think clearly. I really feel hes being influenced by I guess his cop friends. Im sorry youre going through this, I know what it is to build a world of expectations and dreams of a future only to find that it only exists in our head. I refuse to initiate the idea of getting back together in fear of the rejection again. It was hard at first but, we got through it and everything seemed great. And he was scared to tell me. I grew anxious and started thinking what if he has no intentions of getting back and wants to just be friends. Im sorry youre going through this, I know, its hard. i really need your advice Well, it does seem that something has changed after youve met. I would do anything,I want to press reset and start again! He tells me he currently doesnt want to be in a relationship with anyone and just wants to be himself for a while. I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy who weighed one pound. I am just lost without my family.. My week vacation with him was great but I felt something was different. I know we love each other.but is it possible to get back him like before? He keep coming up to me and touching me , my hand etc , nothing big but its a lot for him as he doesnt give affection just like that. I would ask him to hang out and have dinner with my family, and he would say that hes be coming over (Id tell my parents to cook for 5 instead of 4), but hed cancel. You have to take this NC time to focus on yourself. Now i know he likes me back but hes just too busy and i am not his priority anymore. You said you were FWB, you changed things the minute you told him you loved him. He said that he just felt bad for not giving me the time I deserve. I think that you have to make this decision with yourself before you do anything else. but i dont know why but he seems really happy! What happened next? I can tell. My best suggestion is to try and move on, date other guys and lose the guilt feelings. He goes back home and finds out hes got cancer. It was the first time in awhile that we didnt fight about anything and I thought that things were going to get better. After the first month, he didnt find a job. Suddenly we started to argue for no reason. I feel like I need someone who I can talk to who can convince me to finally let go of my bf because my heart is so painful now. I think that if you want him to truly regret leaving you, and understand what he stands to lose, you may need to actually let him miss you. A few days back he told me with a lot of patience that he was not in love with me and he had stopped feeling anything for me. As you saw for yourself, the no contact works with him, because thats when he understands that he doesnt want to lose you. Just at times feel its such a mess how could we ever get to a good state if all he does is push me away n I fear the worest that he may find another girl. Im not going to see him till next month, Im worried he might move on. Heres a post that may help you in your situation right now, I really hope it does: Thank you. Never change. Of course, this is what brought you here to this post. Please any advice will help! Hes said hes just so confused because hes not ready to propose (which is fine, Ive told him that many times) and because hes scared of the future. I want to change that, but every relationship Ive ever been in has ended badly and I find I cant remain optimistic any longer. It's another word of "I have moved on from you". He is my manager. I was so devastated and angry. It sucks feeling so desperate! we have differences but weve never let them interfere with our love; which had been strong, healthy, and beautiful. Lately, we have been arguing a LOT. And what do you mean by not using his emotions? Obviously its hard for you to move on because you see at work every day. Hopefully with more confidence and self esteem. Thank you! I told my crush sorry and tell him to give me one more chance, then he blocked me, then I opened a new account pretend to be my friend that he dont know and tell him to unblock me then he blocked me too, now what should I do? In The Beginning, It Was Perfect He Made Me Feel like i was the only person that really mattered That Lock each other in and everyone out kind of thing going for a while because he was scared im going 2hurt him a lot of guys was chasing me back then i guess it made him insecure but i secured it i made sure that he knew i wasnt going anywhere. All he said was that he stop and that there was no spark. Ha ha. Then he called me the other day but I didnt answer him. On his Facebook he has kept our profile photo and our relationship which is giving me hope as its been nearly a week, he was the dumper so wouldnt he change it straight away? If I dont reply he would get worried and send me another text. Which broke my heart even more than him wanting to be single. Thanks Lisa, then it may also mean that i will loose him.. though i know i want to bring him back.. hello! i would do anything to get him back. Please help meshould I just move on or try to see if I can spark something over the summer? In this stage, you must do your best to maintain your focus on yourself. We have a 10 month old son together. I was dating this guy for one to two years, (it was long distance, although close enough to drive). I would tell him that you think that separating is a good idea (even if you dont) and that youre fine with it, but you want to make sure your children are not hurt by his decision. michael gelman daughters,
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