Grab it while you can. 2017 Copyright The Bourbon Review. While the Elijah Craig Barrel Proof 2022 batches may not have produced any standouts among themselves, they did end up delivering pleasing pours for those who end up trying any (or all) of the batches. Also found 5 handles of EC12 at an out of the way little local store. For whatever reason the "C" batches never really show up in my area though so it's always a treat to get to try them out, especially since they are generally lauded as the best releases. Ah, Old Fitzgerald (Heaven Hill) Their yearly Bottled-in-Bond releases have become some of the most sought-after drops throughout the year. The Elijah Craig Barrel Proof release happens in three waves annually. Yup.had to do a double take on that one. This year's release comes in at 120.8 proof, and he wasted no time finding out what the 2022 release has to offer. Last years release was aged for seven years and then finished in Armagnac barrels (cognacs French cousin). I went in later to complain but the AM wouldnt come out. In 2022, its another story. Just got a bottle of Elijah Craig Barrel proof. I was shocked this ranked this high. Location Virginia Beach, VA. Ok.lets be a little more transparent got the two bottles (lucky you) in VA Beach (or the Hamptons Road area) because your name was on a waiting list OR you are a licenseethats what the Richmond office told me when I called.youre not just gonna walk into a store off the street as a regular customer and pick one off of the shelf.nah ah. Anyone got spare releases of #1, #2, or #6 and want to help a brother out, Id love to make a deal. Palate: The palate is classic bourbon with a rich vanilla white cake frosted with buttercream next to bold dark cherry, woody notes of dry reeds, and salted caramel with a twinge of orange oils. Thats especially true if you get the right one. Lucked out with the Elmer once the shipment finally came in two months ago. People love the stuff. Theyll never put it on the shelf though, youll have to ask if they have any. And since I nailed my ranking for 2020 Bookers Bourbon batches, I thought Id put things in order on the ECBP front as well before the year closes. And while Id probably use this for a cocktail, I can see sipping this easily over a few rocks and never being disappointed. With the new bottle, Heaven Hill has standardized the releases with batch numbers. Unless something unexpected happens, the plan is to always have them debut in January, May, and September of each year. I paid $129.99 plus tax each (in VA) for the 2 bottles I have a couple weeks ago. Event in Cedar Rapids, IA by Local Craft Cellar on Saturday, April 29 2023 3 bottles on the shelf $59.95 so I had to grab one. Lets find out together by tasting some fantastic barrel proof bourbon whiskeys. Our controlled state and the continued craze set me back $85 (w/ tax). Batch A121 provides the robust tasting notes and great overall experience I've come to expect from this annual limited release series. Called all over the valley in Oregon, and found two bottles of #10 in Stayton. Caramel is present and accounted for as things evolve, with some lovely baking spices, before an effervescent finish. Still on #11, but my crack #12 to see how it fairs. Its decadent. The final Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch of 2022 provides the final Goldilocks piece in this years trio of releases. Bardstown Bourbon Company Origin Series Bottled in Bond Bourbon, Jeptha Creed Red, White & Blue Straight Bourbon. I drove an hour to a store that was selling them at retail earlier in the week only to be told they cant sell the rest for retail. 2017 Copyright The Bourbon Review. The last Elijah Craigh of 2022 is also the highest-proof release this year. For some this proofpoint is already touching . Its out on the shelves in Norfolk! Palate: Oak, spice, root beer popsicle, pepper, a touch of grapy / raisiny dark fruit and astringency. Im surprised a store would even sell your BCS Barleywine. ABV: Varies I just bought a new release, 131 proof yesterday. Im struggling with saving or drinking? ECBP is the cask strength, 12-year-old version of Heaven Hill's classic mid-shelf champion Elijah Craig Small Batch, a whiskey that recently was on our list of the best bourbons for under $30 . I have never had it. Estimated Release: Winter, summer, and fall 2021. Check the proof and then reference the chart. It is available nationwide at an SRP of $69.99. Dry notes of rye spice are decorated with coffee and hazelnut, but the peppery grain and alcohol notes dominate. This was able to balance the craftiness of it all that sweet graininess with a really solid overall high-proof bourbon flavor profile. I think with ECBP they should really try to keep the proof at makes it so much better, IMO. ECBP carries a consistent 12yr age statement. Has anyone tried the new batch 10 and have tasting notes? The third, and final, release in 2021's Limited Edition calendar, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof C921 is released at a moderately low ABV compared to historical bottlings. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This year, Batch #2 takes the ABVs even higher in this cask-strength bourbon bomb thanks to the careful selection of old barrels that are batched and left completely uncut and non-chill-filtered. What these two bottles have had in common with previous releases and award-winners is those central flavors that makeup the DNA of Elijah Craig: coffee, cocoa, baking spices. The ECBP, stagg Jr, and EHTBP are all equally as good or better for half the cost. . Intense spice,citrus, and caramel up front. I kind of just want to talk about that Frank August Single Barrel all day. This is classic Sazerac bourbon (Buffalo Trace, Barton 1792, A. Smith) from top to bottom. There was one more bottle on the shelf and I looked at it for a while, but ended up grabbing the last bottle of Stagg Jr as Id heard this was a solid bottle though no where near George T Stagg. You can decide for yourself if its worth it (it is, at least once in a lifetime). ABV: Varies The Elijah Craig Barrel Proof B522 release hit shelves in May, 2022. Yes, I would like to receive emails from The Bourbon Review. (You can unsubscribe anytime). Traverse City Whiskey Co. Barrel Proof Bourbon ; WhistlePig PiggyBack Bourbon ; Widow Jane 10-Year Bourbon ; Special Barrel-Finished Bourbon. When they did the press release about dropping the EC 12 yr age statement, HH stated that ECBP would still be 12 yr. Hopeully thats the truth. Palate: The palate starts off with a nice and subtle barrel char leading toward Almond Roca toffees, cherry-chili tobacco, and velvety vanilla cream before those sweet porridge grains kick back in, confirming this as a very crafty bourbon. I live in Bellevue WA and there are several bottles on the shelf out here. Release Date: January 2022. Be sure tofollow our InstagramandLike our Facebook pageto get all of the latest Bourbon T-shirtreleases, new gear and other fun stuff. Thats more than 10 points down from the 136.6-proof bottle released in 2020 (and nowhere near the one released half a decade ago that topped out at over 139. Sometimes lucky, most times not, but it might be nice to have a local community to share those rare finds so we can all get to enjoy them, just scored a bottle of #5 in Greenville SC. Batch 10 is delicious! In this instance, that is Batch A122. But for a $60 product with wide distribution, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof really holds its own against these others. Support your local merchant. The heat wasnt really there in any overwhelming way but popped in from time to time. They had one left after I purchased mine on June 1 and a limit of one per customer. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof - May 2017 Batch B517 124.2 Review Bill is the Co-Founder, Editor-in Chief, and official Bourbon-o-Phile for, and Founder and Chief Blending Officer for Four Gate Whiskey Company. Quite the price increase over the last 3 years. Happy hunting. Learn how your comment data is processed. There is a rye spiciness to it as well. Its quintessential and yet somehow fresh. Estimated Release: March and October. Glad they did the online purchase instead of the lottery stuff they did for EHT SW and Stagg Jr batch 6. What tastes the best? The "1" denotes the release month, January, while the 23 represents the current year. It wasnt until Septembers batch C-922 that the numbers spiked up to a still comparably modest 124.8. when I showed up, however, they were all spoken for. Also to be desired: some depth to the nose, which is relatively subdued. Each batch of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof has a different ABV, however Batch A121 comes in at 123.6 proof. The highest proof ever being 140.2, C914. These small batch boubons are hard to find in europe. You already know the accolades for Elijah Craig Barrel Proof. Barrel proof bourbon whiskey or cask strength or barrel strength depending on the brands preferred wording is one of the hottest styles of bourbon. This was pretty nice but has a slightly cheapish finish kind of like pleather instead of leather. However, I guess that changed some time between them issuing that email/notice and the Monday it dropped in the Hampton Roads area stores. The final of three Elijah Craig Barrel Proof releases for 2022 has arrived, with C922 landing at 62.4% abv, continuing the string of expressions landing in the 120-ish proof level. They are selling it for $100 plus tax. VA. Crazy how the price is all over the place, but unfortunately the mark up tends to be a little worse in these parts. The proof really does hit a high on the end but never overwhelms anything going on in the flavor profile. 18 year old available for $150 to $200 around stores that I see here. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Batch C920 is a scythea big, sharp whiskey with a full chocolate burnt sugar body. Can anybody confirm if the EC 18 will be a nationwide release and if so when? MSRP: $60 (2022) . Company: Elijah Craig Distillery Co. (Heaven Hill), Distillery: Elijah Craig Distillery Co. (Heaven Hill), Mashbill: 78% Corn, 12% Malted Barley, 10% Rye, Brown sugar | Oak | Dab of cinnamon powder | Touch of rye spice | Faint baking spice | Classic bourbon scents, Brown sugar | Rye spice | Aged oak | Cinnamon spice | Bold heat, Cinnamon | Rye spice | Dab of aged oak | Touch of leather | Lingering heat. UPDATED: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Release Cheat Sheet, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Releases by Proof - Bourbonr Blog, Review: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Release #8 | barrels and mash, Cigar Spirits: Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon | The Stogie Guys, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Review | Tipple & Text, ? At a "mere" 59.1% abv, are consumers getting robbed? All Rights reserved. That said, this feels like it needs a little time and water to really find its full potential in the glass. Store said they just got it this week (March 23). Among these three releases, the Port Cask Finished expression has piqued our interest the most going into 2020 for two reasons. One, Port cask finished bourbons are generally very delicious. Who wants a drink? Probably a blended 8 12 year instead of a straight 12 year. Each one had its own vibe and moxie that makes it a great pick. Personally, Im glad to have had a couple of years of more modest proof points. How do you tell what batch it is? Elijah Craig 18Pikesville RyeElmer T. LeeCEHTOWAWLW, just to name a fewits a lot of freaking workBUT when you score a bottle, it sure feels G-U-D! Finally just got a bottle of #8 here in Indiana. VA had their online ordering yesterdaywas able to order 2 bottles. He attended the University of Kentucky in the mid to late 1990s. Plus, that roughness will go away once you make an old fashioned or whiskey sour with this one. The Elijah Craig Barrel Proof 2022 bourbon release is finding its way to a liquor store near you. Thats whats fun about tasting these blinds, finding out answers to questions like that. Welcome to another year of putting the three batches of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof into a steel cage, three-way wrestling match and seeing who emerges victorious. Ive got the EC18 and tried the EC23 Ill take the BP hands down. Estimated Release: November. Thats what makes this the perfect bourbon to build your cocktail with. I made out like a bandit with special ordering ECBP batches 9 and 10. Nose: The nose opens with a deep leatheriness with a bright line of green hatch chilis next to a warm sense of dry powdered dark chocolate and dried sour cherries with an underlying dry earthiness and this tiny whisper of sourdough starter. The year kicked off with Batch A122 which delivered more of an earthy pour and was followed by Batch B522 which delivered a bit more of a spicy pour. Batch #12 is a flavor bomb. The average age of the batch ended up being 6 years, 10 months, and 10 days old when it was bottled completely as-is. The letter at the beginning of the sequence is the batch number for the given year. Now onto the review and tasting notes on the second expression of the 2022 Elijah Craig Barrel Proof B522. Heaven Hill Distillery has announced the first Elijah Craig Barrel Proof release of 2023. He has conducted various bourbon and whiskey tastings in cities across the country, and consulted for multiple national labels. Batch A120 is the whiskey version of the last 10 seconds of every allergy commercial ever made. While I did find a twinge of roughness to this one, I was really trying to find it. Heaven Hill Distillery has announced the first Elijah Craig Barrel Proof release of 2023. 2017 Copyright The Bourbon Review. Still, this is a multi-award winning bourbon thats often called out as a very underrated bottle of booze to have on hand. Release 9 just out Virginia, limited 70 cases for the entire state. That will change as Heaven Hill continues to rack up awards and love from whiskey drinkers around the world. This surprisingly grain forward bourbon smacks of orange and lemon peels, but hints of state fair lemonade and creamsicle leave some balance to be desired. The 2021 batches were all a $60 deal (MSRP) if you can find it these days, with enough batch variety to make the search interesting. While this was clearly a craft bourbon thanks to those sweet grain notes, it was still deep and well-rounded with just the right hit of high-proof warmth. Two, we already tried this one and its a solid first entry for the new line (our full review of the line will be featured on @UproxxLifes Expression Session this year). As with every batch, we are constantly balancing all the attributes (rickhouse site, floor, 12 years of age) to achieve the depth of flavor Elijah Craig Barrel Proof has come to be known for. Distillery: Elijah Craig Distillery Co. (Heaven Hill) Release Date: May 2021 Proof: 118.2 Age: 12 Years Mashbill: 78% Corn, 12% Malted Barley, 10% Rye Color: Light Mahogany MSRP: $65 (2021) Official Website Buy Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (Batch B521) at Frootbat NOSE Barrel char | Graham cracker | Burnt caramel | Light for the proof palate Paid $39.99 for batch #9 this week off the shelf. Updated: For 2017, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof has received a makeover. They are all now safely home on my shelf. not the 23? Less balanced, and just doesnt taste like Elijah Craig to me. $79 at the shop means over $100 everywhere else now. Moreover, after being released to a warm welcome, Larceny Barrel Proof is back for 2022 as well with a Batch A122 of its own. (smile).. Just saw the recently discontinued Elijah Craig 12 year old on larger 1.75L bottle is going for $90.00, and the smaller 750ml bottle is going for $40.00..hahahahahaaaaa!!!! Go figure. In the fall of 2013, Heaven Hill Distilleryreleased the first Elijah Craig Barrel Proof (ECBP) outside of the Heaven Hill Gift Shop. usually, if ANY ABC store has an available bottle of PAPPY/BTAC with no name on it, its *supposed * to go back to the Richmond office to be allocated to another ABC locations waiting listaaaggghhh!!! Each of the bottles has its own special finishing cask: Port, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay. Effusiveness for Frank August aside, this was a killer lineup of bourbons. These are often seen as showpiece bottles. The Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon Whiskey is bottled at 120.8 proof. $54.99 was actual price. I heard that the first barrel proof was mythical but since they have struggled to replicate it. You can grab last years bottle for around $70, not thousands of dollars. A 12 Year, non-chill filtered, and uncut Bourbon clocking in at 125.6 proof. Thought that was implied by my post stating Got a call this morning. They do know me there, but dont know if they consider me special. New bottle DOES have a 12 yr age statement, so I was very glad to see that. If theres a gold standard for the Elijah Craig Barrel Proof batches, it consists of three things: high proof, a minimum 12-year age statement, and restrained, nuanced flavors of leather, tobacco, chocolate and spices. I was successful as well. Just bought a bottle of batch 12 ECBP. Ive killed one bottle of #9 and am almost done with #8. Its actually pretty straight forward. Thats alright Ill find one. Check out my review of Elijah Craig Barrel Proofrelease #1 here. Bottler Distillery Bottling Bottling serie Small Batch - Barrel Proof Bottled 2018 Stated Age 12 years old Casktype Charred New American Oak Casknumber Batch C918 Strength 65.7 % Vol. There was one more left on the shelf. I found #5 sitting in my store and they have up to 6 left. Nonetheless, well focus mostly on the ECBP bourbon in this review. Sweetness fades to oak and musty books leather and spice. He told me to my face that all 10,12, and 15 year Pappy would be first come first serve, as the email from HQ stated. When batch #9 dropped last September, I did walk into the downtown Norfolk store (the old Triple AAA building) and found it on the shelf. Guess who got them both , I stumbled upon a bottle of batch 9 tonight in western Michigan totally unexpected but very happy to do so. Batch A122 affords a sip that will please many but wow few. Elijah Craig 18-Year ; I picked up a bottle of the batch #9 two weeks ago. Still, since its Wild Turkey, you should be able to find these for little to no mark up when they drop. as of October 1,2015, VA ABC liquor stores STOPPED, and will NO longer be taking names (list) for ANY product in ANY of their stores; however, they are still honoring peoples requests (orders) who have been on a previous list prior to October, 2015, or whove ordered bottles BEFORE they instituted their new policy of NO MORE customer LISTS. After the palate firestorm that was 2020, this year is comparably calmlike the eye of a storm. I was able to get my hands on batch #4. oh I left out an all to important could just be so special that the stores staff reserved you the Good new is ECBP is still 12-years-old. Just found a bottle of batch #8 in Marietta, GA while scouting around for ETL. This was the 3333 Virginia Beach Boulevard location. The beauty of that system is that you can snag these at MSRP. Batch A121 is the first release of Elijah Craig's Barrel Proof expressions for 2021. half #11, and half #12. (You can unsubscribe anytime). I like it a lot, but its not quite as rich and flavorful as #11. The store only got two and the buyer of the first was gracious enough to not buy both, which is making me re-think how I buy things. This was nice overall but felt a little light as well. But the release of the final Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon batch of the year is the everymans cue to get searchingand for me to get reviewing. Each barrel was hand-picked before being married into a barrel strength expression thats bottled as-is. Totally worth every penny. Just picked up three bottles of batch 11, hope to crack a bottle this weekend. 56 bucks . Color: Bright Bronze. Haaaaaaa I have a #6, but waiting for special occasion to open it. In long Island NY. The site according to ABC actually crashed with folks trying to order the EHTSWhahahaaaunreal the interest with that I wasnt successful either with winning the opportunity to purchase the EHTSW, and I didnt bother with the Stagg jr, because everytime I go to NY, I can get a bottle very easily. The whiskey is a one-off marriage of their best barrels from the ten mash bills (recipes) Four Roses uses to make all their expressions. Should be in stores between mid-feb and early-march. Anyone know when the 7th release is coming out? Luckily, we went snow tubing in the mountains yesterday and stopped into an ABC store and saw 6 bottles on the shelf. The yearly E.H. Taylor release from Buffalo Trace (Sazerac) is always a defining bottle for the bespoke line. Not sure if I got 11, or 17? Generally speaking, you can expect brands to start dropping their new bottles now with big releases landing in the spring, summer, and fall. Please be responsible. I grabbed a release #8 (139.8) today in Charlotte, NC. A fragrant nose of vanilla and orange leads to a thin and spicy bourbon. This Bourbon Whiskey series from Heaven Hill has an MSRP of $60. 2020 ModernThirst. The first release of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof in the new year is ready for retail shelves. Haha. Why he is in management there handling customers is beyond me.his attitude is abrasive and he has NO tolerance for questions about allocated/premium stuffvery short tempered.went there a few times, but stopped going. Two bottles of #6 just sitting on the shelf with the regular EC12 yr today in Jersey. Im thankful. Anyone know? The release now comes in a new bottle and label. Yes, I would like to receive emails from The Bourbon Review. A little less hot. How does it compare to previous batches? Yeah, I grabbed it. The large proof swings can be just one of the ways these whiskeys vary batch to batch, year to year. On the back of the bottle, it still says aged twelve years, written out as twelve years so a bit hard to spot at first. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Release Cheat Sheet, Check out my review of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof. Lets hope for more like these in 2022s ECBP crop. The juice is a wheated bourbon that spent eight years mellowing before bottling. I guess #6 is out? Bought em all because no more EC in any big store here with the 12 on the front label. . This leaned hard into classic territory with a whisper of craftiness lurking beneath. Palate: The palate leans into cherry root beer with a hint of vanilla cream soda next to eggnog spices and creaminess, old dried roses in older leatherbound books, and a whisper of red peppercorn cracked over some sweet pipe tobacco. While were sure to be a little light on the indie drops, were fully committed to covering small brands making big noise in the new year. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof is essentially an uncut 12-year old Small Batch bourbon, which is bottle straight from the barrel. A place in Randolph had it i picked it up. Nice guy. a bit of a drive but worth it. This produces a bolder expression of the Elijah Craig Small Batch product, which is regularly 90 proof bourbon. ECBP #12, 80$ . Wont crack them for a bit. The Elijah Craig Barrel Proof B522 release hit shelves in May, 2022. About to kill batch 8, and after that Im going to crack one of my Stagg, Jr. bottles. Going to go back and pick it up if still there. This is funky Beam through and through.
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