Okay, the next ground rule should be obvious: No name-calling, no disrespect, and no laughing at what other people say. We only recommend products we love to use in our home or products we wish we had found sooner. journey series focuses on developing a strong sense of self and promote well-being in all areas of development. Find out how they tried to make a difference. But remember, a Take Action Project is more than community service. Remember, you want your story to educate and start some lasting effort toward change. The possibilities are endless. Trying on new roles and realizing their limitless potentialthat builds confidence! Thats called stereotyping! I dont know. Let them come up with their own expectations. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form. Check the ones she thinks are key, and write her reason beside it: What do you see and hear around you? And I hate when other kids think my father must be in the Mafia! I mean, even at schooland the ones I do see always hang together. Girls develop a stereotype awareness campaign for their school. Add to Cart Quick View _ Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. Two people sit on the ground back to back, knees bent and elbows linked, then try to stand up together. Beth Anne:But some of us dont really identify with a particular group. Some suggestions are: Speak up when someone tells an offensive joke. How can you tell the women in these pictures are confident? . Program Essentials Link: Leadership Lesson Plan Length: 1.5 hours Men don't get grossed out by scrapes and bruises. FEES $100 per scout, per Journey. What are you sayinggirls cant be tough?! Thats part of the problem: jokes that make fun of people because of their race or because of anythingage, gender, abilities. The most important part is the storytelling through the stereotype busting comics or other medium of storytelling. . JUNIOR AMUSE JOURNEY BOOK $ 7.00. Debbie:And no put-downs. Add to Cart Quick View. Everyone agree? How it affects them, how it makes them feel or how they wish things were. { Daisy Badge Tracker } - updated 7/1/2021 { Brownie Badge Tracker } - updated 7/1/2021 { Junior Badge Tracker } - updated 7/1/2021 { Cadette Badge Tracker } - updated 7/1/2021 Yvonne:Since I picked the card that said Facilitator, I guess Ill start facilitating. And really listen to each other, too. But, ethnic jokes are wrong. We will present both methods below for Girl Scout Leaders and their troops to choose the best way to meet the Girl Scout Junior aMUSE journey requirements. The choice is really up to your troop and your time restraints. The Its Your Story Tell It! Then, stick them on a wall. Ask the girls to think about a role they want to have and how this makes them feel. Appreciate this detailed guide! Which stereotype would be the most exciting to create a story about? JUNIOR AGENT OF CHANGE JOURNEY BOOK $ 7.00. Since I was never a Girl Scout this was an interesting read! You may find that some roles you never even thought about are just right for you! Invite others to their ceremony and practice being at ease by making introductions, conversing with the guests, having good table manners, and saying thank you. What each person says is important, so give each other the chance to speak. Both of these activities will allow the girls to see the traits in the Girl Scout Law used in a variety of ways. As your scouts participate in the aMUSE Junior Girl Scout Journey, they will explore a few key concepts and vocabulary. No going back and telling your crowd at school what so and so said at the forum. Debbie:Okay, where do you want to start? I dont think they really want to be friends with anyone else. Who are they, and what have you learned from them? Tell them that today, they will act as the executives in charge of picking the pictures used to sell products to young people. Junior Amuse Journey Uploaded by: Tonya Albright November 2019 PDF Bookmark Download This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. As you travel along this Journey, be open to trying out as many roles as possible. Bernadette:I have them right here. During a Journey, Girl Scouts do hands-on activities, connect with experts, and take the lead on a Take Action project with their community. The Junior aMUSE Journey pairs nicely with a few Girl Scout Junior badges. Any problems? Make a log of the many women you encounter each day. Choosing a Take Action Project for the aMUSE Journey is much easier than many other journeys. Then ask them to create a portrait that showcases their role and feelings. Add to Cart Quick View. When we are trying to complete a journey in a day, this is often much more difficult. Which of the roles played by these women might you like to try? award, the girls will learn more about stereotypes and bias. Andrea:And really, though I have an Italian name and all, my Mom makes hamburgers more often than lasagna. Hand out the supplies and let the girls know that they are about to try a fun way to learn how they picure various roles. A Leadership Journey" is just a guide. Andrea:Respect the differences among us, but also celebrate what we all have in commonlike, having the freedom to even hold a forum like this one. What did you learn about stereotypes from her? All new trackers include pins, badges, journeys, special awards, etc. Junior aMUSE Journey Activity Plan 2 Purpose: When girls have earned this award, they'll understand how stereotypes affect roles. Award to just about 30 minutes. In addition, youll also receive a parent questionnaire and a Girl-Led Planner. Role a specific job or function performed by a person. They expect me to be brilliant. Lastly, your girls will need to share their new knowledge with others. But, thats a good idea. That was what I was always taught by my parents and teachersall people are basically the same. Why might a boy or girl want or not want to use this product? What problem did Kristin mention? Help your scouts to see that not everyone will agree on what is or is not beautiful. EXTRA 10% OFF 4+ ITEMS See all eligible items and terms. No going back and telling your crowd at school what so and so said at the forum. I love how it encourages each girl to not only get in touch with her own story (and accompanying passions), but others as well. ____________________________________________________________________. Speak Out! Junior Amuse Journey Guide to read. Which of these women play more than one role? Beth Anne:You can let someone know his joke isnt funnyHey, putting people down isnt very funny, or Lets be positive. We will reconvene at another date after the girls have had a chance to observe their community. Invite girls to use the art supplies on hand to alter or redraw the ads to represent a real view of their world. All librarians are women who are old and mean. Did your girls love the journey as much as ours? To take this one step further, you could have your girls bury their time capsules to open in the future. And no put-downs. VIRTUAL Amuse for juniors (4th-5th grade) 4 meeting series July 24, 25, 26, & 27 Monday- Thursday 10:00 AM-12:00 PM PST Registration deadline Wed. July, 12, 2023 Each of our Journey sessions is a series of live, interactive, virtual meetings with expert guides. Add in your own. You could earn the Speak Out! The girls can quickly assign roles to themselves or to another person by sticking the post-it note onto a person. Each shape or form is unique award and finally the Try Out! Get girls in a circle crossing right hand over left and holding hands with the person on each side of them. Award, the next two goals main focus is the Speak Out! Anyway, lets go over our rules. These represent the highest honors a Girl Scout can earn. Define how she acts when things go well for her and when things dont go so well, When the story begins, show that something important is about to happen , or have something dramatic already happening. What worked well for you? We already thought about how to do this. Were here to make a plan to fight prejudicestarting with ourselves and then working in our communities. As known, when you contact a book, one to remember is not lonesome the PDF, but plus the genre of the book. Journey Book An item from home that represents the roles they play to put in prop box Water Jacket Suggested Activities 1. In what way? Many of the leadership skills will relate back to the Girl Scout Law. Observe your community for the next week or so. Some troops love to celebrate after earning each award, while others would rather have one big celebration after the completion of the entire journey. What leadership traits do you see in the women around you that you also see in yourself? Bernadette, you brought your notes with you? Great post! When the leader says freeze, all girls stop and face the leader. Have the girls fill out the Stereotype Tracker based on their activities over the past week or two. Kristin:Yeah, but, I still want to know how you can expect to value someones differences if she doesnt want to hang around with you? Same goes for the journey award badges. Get girls in a circle. What would you have tried differently? The girls can use these roles in Role Charades. Brainstorm a list of common stereotypes that the scouts are aware of either through the ads or their everyday life, including books, movies and TV shows. The Girl Scout Bronze Award is the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can achieve. As part of a community group? Maybe we have our first stereotype. Because we have completed books from world authors from many countries, you necessity to get the sticker album will be as a result simple here. Ask the girls to define stereotypes and generate a list of stereotypes on the whiteboard (use the example list if they get stuck). Im Jewish but people dont know that when they look at me. Online Only. Bernadette:Exactly! Community a group of people living in the same general area, share a common background or interest, or have a common history or goal. Visit the police and local government and petition to get a stop sign installed. My family is all mixed up, so I dont really think of myself as belonging to an ethnic group. Healthy Living eating healthy, taking care of your body, maintaining healthy relationships with others, and learning. Sometimes, I tell people, hey, Im Jewish and then everyone gets really embarrassed and uncomfortable. 6) Your girls will take action to benefit their community by helping others to recognize and overcome stereotypes and pursue new roles. The scouts will need to create a costume for their character. The Playing the Past Junior badge pairs well with the aMUSE Junior Journey. Making fun of other people doesnt make me feel good.. You have to speak up! They will need to choose one stereotype to bust or stamp out. Another option is to ask the girls to interview one woman prior to the meeting or after the main meeting on their own. Girls will use these 15 minutes to decorate their prop box and think about items to include. Did one gender act differently than the other? Tell the girls that the have to guess what is in the containers and put labels on them, so you can store them properly. Find places where different people can work together. Get your parent to help arrange an interview in person, by phone, via skype or by email. Another idea is to have roles written on post-it notes. Guidebook: Brownie Quest Journey Book Juniors (Grades 4-5): Agent of Change Learn how you can change the world by exploring your own talents and learning about women who have stepped up to the challenge of bettering the world. Do you give yourself a thumbs-up when you do something that makes you feel good? The leader may ask the second girl to, Say that like you are tired. Other ideas include happy, scared, bored, whiny, in a hurry, as the teacher, etc. As we worked through the journey awards, we often did circle back to previous awards to reinforce our learning. This website is served for you to back whatever to locate the book. To begin your girls will need to hold a conversation. aMUSE Junior Journey Award Set. Youll be subscribed to our family friendly newsletter, where you can unsubscribe at anytime Privacy Policy. Respect your own heritage. Shes blind and has a guide dog, you know, and I always feel uncomfortable if shes leaving the building the same time as melike, should I help her down the stairs? In this Girl Scout Journey, we are looking at what is expected of us as girls, our self-esteem, friendships, thinking positively, and various roles we can play in life. What are the roles that you play in your life today? If the answer is no, stay seated in the current chair. How do you feel when you are running, playing soccer, dancing or taking part in some other activity? The girls can either search for the boxes together or individually. Pairs well with Junior Animal Habitats Badge. I have them right here. Itis important to help the girls to recognize that stereotypes exist in our world. Finally, the scouts will need to learn more about endangered animals in The Arctic Circle, The Gulf of Mexico or the Amazon Rainforest. You have to speak up! Each girl names one role she already has in life and one she would like to try. The scouts should present these stories to their families, friends, or community. Dont expect people to act a certain way because of how they look. Debbie: Thats part of the problem: jokes that make fun of people because of their race or because of anythingage, gender, abilities. Just a quick sketch is needed - even a stick figure is fine. And Ive read a couple of books. Any joke that puts people down is not funny. Explain to the girls that we are going to be talking about a specific kind of unfairness - prejudice and discrimination. Most importantly, you dont want to be a certain way just because someone else things you should. Share examples of Bronze Awards that other troops have done. aMUSE On this journey Juniors try on whatever roles they choose for themselves, then get creativein any way they like! Girl may include a friendship bracelet to show they are a friend, a patch to show they are a Girl Scout, a dance shoe to show they are a dancer, etc. Yvonne:So, what are the important things that we are all saying here? You should never just listen. The term journey here is an apt description! Cover the project with a coating of ModPodge to seal, if necessary. Juniors, today you will be going on a journey called aMUSE. When the minute ends, call, Time! and bring the girls together. 9:20 9:35am Role Play Switcheroo or Magazine Ads, 9:35 9:45am Snack and Music Break (Could play the Mingle, Mingle, Mingle Game), 10:00 10:20am Stereotype Busting Comics, 10:35 10:45am Listen to My Inner Critic, 10:45 11:00am Brainstorming Take Action Projects, 11:00 11:30am Planning Take Action Project, 11:30 12:00pm LUNCH and The Real Me Game. They document the types of messages and the effects (positive and negative) on them personally and then think of ways that they can combat the stereotypes they see around them and put these actions into practice. The Its Your Story Tell It! Take a few moments after the short lesson to process the responses of the boy and girl students. Wow, what a detailed guide! This might take a little trial and error as often we need a few tries to develop something better. 1. They create posters and/or speak during school announcements with tips and tools for their peers. This continues until all girls have found the fugitive. The Journey Award has three parts: Reach Out, Speak Out and Try Out. The girls should add a picture or word that comes to mind from this discussion. Reach out to people. Stress the importance that the label must be correct Girls cannot look inside to see the objects. How would you describe the images youre seeing? Girls work as a team to tell their story through pictures, Girls tell their story through the use of various characters i a tradition play or puppet show, Girls draw or sew their story onto a large storyboard, Choose your roles (acting, writing, directing, narrating, drawing, assembling, etc), Figure out who the main character(s) will be - give her a name, age and other information to create her identity. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This post may contain affiliate links. Give It! Bernadette:Like making the neighborhood better! What is Energy? Award. For our troop, we found earning Reach Out! If your scouts are just as excited as ours, be sure to head over to our Girl Scout Junior Guide on the Agent of Change Junior Journey and the Junior Outdoor Journey. You can use the stereotype tracker on page 27 to assist with keeping track of all the stereotypes your scouts discover. The girls can place one special trade item inside their prop box such as a friendship bracelet or SWAP. Like no interrupting! Download PDF - Junior Amuse Journey [mwl17rq659lj]. Ask girls to brainstorm different ways they can stop prejudice and discriminatory behavior. And respect yourself. Some of you may feel uncomfortable talking about this subject, so we thought we should all discuss setting some ground rulesand everyone has to agree to them. And so sometimes I just listenbut then I get so angry with myself. All the girls stand in a circle and walk around the circle as the leader says mingle over and over. Women are fussy about their hair and makeup. We found that a Saturday or Sunday morning through lunch or lunch and the afternoon worked best for a journey in a day. This could be a queen, servant, heroine, villain, seamstress, etc. Planning Tiger Year: November Tiger Cub Scouts Meetings, Simple But Engaging Dual Language Winter Sensory Activities. Roberta:Thats why its important not to stereotype people. And look beyond stereotypes that you might learn from TV and books and magazinesor even from adults. . Have each girl come up with two ideas for the next meeting. We hope you enjoyed our aMUSE plans as much as our girls and the best part, the troop was excited to tackle another Junior Girl Scout Journey! The aMUSE Junior Journey specifically focuses on combining storytelling with the many roles that your girls may one day explore. Gold. We asked the scouts to each invite one woman who inspires them to our panel discussion. Provide these to a local daycare or early childhood center. Which roles werent chosen by anyone? And really listen to each other, too. While playing Role Charades, be sure to act out different chores or duties that your character may have had to earn a second part of this badge. Yvonne:Right! You know, its a small world sort of thing. The Junior Girl Scout aMUSE Journey is part of the Its Your Story Tell It! Buying handbooks, badge guides, journey books, and badges can be very costly, so the Volunteer Toolkit is a great free resource. When you say, Start, all girls will have one minute to grab some roles and stick them on themselves and one another. Maybe include shape, color, or form. Then the girls try to guess which role their Girl Scout sister is performing. Possible project ideas to make a difference. Put your plan in motion - each girl is expected to put in about 20 hours. This pairs nicely with the Role Prop Boxes if you ask each scout to hide their box and provide the other girls GPS coordinates. Pairs well with the Social Butterfly Junior Badge. Then have each scout choose 2 pictures to explain to the troop why they think it is beautiful. Junior Girl Scouts is a time for new exploration and leadership roles for your girls. What about the roles you gave other girls? Has anything stopped you from playing one of your roles? Im sorry, Debbie. Setting:The whole group is meeting for the first time. Make copies of the National Forum on Kids and Prejudice. Who was she or he and why? Shes blind and has a guide dog, you know, and I always feel uncomfortable if shes leaving the building the same time as melike, should I help her down the stairs? One was on queens and princesses in different African empires and another was on African-American women. Which of these women do you consider leaders? Journey Book $7.00 Bundle and Save Who is in the background? Mingle, Mingle, Mingle Game 10 minutes: Choose one girl to be a leader. And sometimes its people I really want to get to know better and then I think Ive put up a barrier. Ceremony a special way to celebrate an important event, experience, or feeling. As you travel along this Journey,. Free shipping. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Which arent a good fit at all? Instead this is a project that continues to give back to the community year after year. While Stereotype and bias are the main vocabulary for the aMUSE Junior journey, there are a few additional words that can help the scouts while learning on this journey. 216 x 216 mm. Ask the scouts to look at the different pictures they found beautiful and look for similarities and differences. Gather Storyboard pages, Project Planner and Sign-up sheet, Thinking Like a Storyteller sheet, poster board, pencils, markers, whiteboard, dry erase markers. If anyone asks me who I am, I say Im a Southerner. We would suggest asking the girls to each complete the Casting Call Log prior to your meeting. Brainstorm roles that women and girls have in todays society on a large sheet of paper. Weve spent a lot of time talking about the roles women and girls play in life. Silver. However, leaders also have the ability to access the journeys and badges in the Girl Scout Volunteer Toolkit, which is an amazing resource for leaders to access the material for free. Ask each girl to share three things her inner critic might give a thumbs-up to AND one of the three things her inner critic might give a thumbs-down to. Hi Nicole, Any chance you have this post available in a PDF or word format? Your email address will not be published. And so sometimes I just listenbut then I get so angry with myself. Partner the comic or take action project with creating the animals home or insulating the animals nest as a way to complete two parts for this badge. I open the door and then I start mumbling stuff. ______________________________________________________________________, Where will we present our project? Is this a role you would like to try? Like in sports, or in debating groups, school and community clubs. Series includes the Daisy Journey 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals and the Brownie Journey A World of Girls. Role Charades 10 minutes: Write roles on index cards or little slips of paper. The panel discussion is a great time to work on holding a conversation. What would you put in your story to show how to bust this stereotype? However, ceremonies and celebrations are such an important part of Girl Scouts and journeys. Now, call out one of the characteristics listed below and ask the girls to erase and change one of their drawings to the opposite of what it is now. Includes certificates for ALL NEW awards: Business Jumpstart, Democracy, STEM Career Exploration, Automotive Engineering and Cookie Entrepreneur pins.One *full . Then discuss with your scouts how to move beyond these stereotypes. On this Journey, Girl Scout Juniors will explore all of the roles available for women and girls. --------------------. Very true, Jenny. I think you have to feel comfortable about yourselfwho you arerespect your own backgroundfeel pride in it. First, the girls will need to pick a product and label 5 things that the make the product great and 5 things that they wish to change about the product. Anyway, lets go over our rules. Are you seeing any stereotypical images in the ads? While there, be sure to clean up the animals habitat to earn two parts of this badge. See Talk About Roles on pages 28 31 of the girls aMUSE handbook for a variety of questions that the girls can ask. Okay, the next ground rule should be obvious: No name-calling, no disrespect, and no laughing at what other people say. Her name is: _______________________________________________________________________________, She lives in:________________________________________________________________________________, She's worried about this kind of stereotype: _______________________________________________________, __________________________________________________________________________________________ She's worried about it because: ________________________________________________________________, __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________, _________________________________________________________________________________________, Her best friend is: ___________________________________________________________________________, __________________________________________________________________________________________, She likes to wear: ___________________________________________________________________________, Her favorite book/movie/TV show is:_____________________________________________________________, Her favorite hobby is:_________________________________________________________________________, She wishes for: _____________________________________________________________________________, __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________. More information Amuse Journey Printables More She runs her own graphic design companyand shes 78! And when you start in your neighborhoodswell, then you are making the world better, too. Social Butterfly Junior Badge dives into the etiquette and manners of the day. Some of you may feel uncomfortable talking about this subject, so we thought we should all discuss setting some ground rulesand everyone has to agree to them. Like, my grandmother gets so furious when she sees older people on TV shows or in commercials shown as being helpless. __________________________________________________________________________, Whats our call to action? $30.00 $19.99. Ask the girls to fill out the log with women they see daily (at home, on the way to school, in the halls, in class, at lunch, after school - they dont have to know their names) and what roles those women play. Yvonne:And when you start in your neighborhoodswell, then you are making the world better, too. And, well, isnt that the way to stop people from hating each otherby talking about how people are really the same? Scribd 1M followers More information Amuse Journey Printables More Amuse Journey Girl Scout Patches Girl Scout Juniors Girl Scouts Funny Texts Amusing Free Printables Badge Quick More information . Check the item description for details. To save time on the Try Out! Fill containers with small objects and knick knacks. ***UPDATED JULY 2021!! Do you play the role of critic in your life? How I Define Beauty 20 minutes: Provide about 5 minutes for your scouts to flip through magazines, art books, printed out artwork, pictures, etc. Roberta:I think you have to feel comfortable about yourselfwho you arerespect your own backgroundfeel pride in it. Carrie, scouting definitely brings a different perspective. On this Journey, Girl Scout Juniors will explore all of the roles available for women and girls. 3 Time Required: 15 minutes Opening Session Materials Journey Books for the Girl Scouts who ordered theirs during Registration Girl Scout Promise and Girl Scout Law written on large paper (or poster board) Masking tape or other means to post the Girl Scout Promise & Law posters Copies of the words to "Yes She Can" Sense of Self -the collection of traits or characteristics that describe you. Sometimes you get three and four people sitting on top of you. Respect the differences among us, but also celebrate what we all have in commonlike, having the freedom to even hold a forum like this one. Some of these badges are easier to pair than others, but each one can tie to the aMUSE journey. award before the Speak Out! Well, I think that if I start by just talking to one personone on onemaybe someone I sit next to in class or in band with meand take it from there. Why was this important? Refer to the Volunteer Toolkit for the most up to date materials. While on the geocaching site, be sure to find a Travel Bug and follow its trip on a map. Going along with the panel discussion, your scouts could provide snacks for their guests. - Energy takes place in all different shapes and forms. Plus, as you earn one of Girl Scoutings highest awards, youll change your corner of the worldand maybe even beyond. The girls will need to explore different stereotypes and create a comic or other story to bust a specific stereotype. Cant wait until our youngest turns 5 and she can join. lewisham rail crash casualty list,
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